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Green Yoga Spa


Topic Discussion

Circle Share

Nonviolent Communication


2019 DATES

October 3rd & 17th

1st and 3rd 


 10a-10:25a Yoga

and Meditation 

10:30-11a  NVC

Stay tuned for updates!


Let's explore how staying in the heated moment while connecting to your heart and core values takes gritty determination and the strength of a warrior, centered in oneness awareness. 

Merry will lead a yoga class perfect for weekend warriors based in the south Indian martial arts form of Kalari to bring us together in a shared, energetic entrainment. Landing in a centering practice of mindfulness meditation and deep breathing. We will create a circle to share concepts shared between the ancient wisdom of Patanjali's yoga sutras and the practical principles Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Both of these philosophies create a roadmap to deep inner peace, as well as open new avenues for social change based on a deeper awareness of inner integrity and articulating shared values.