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Flow Yoga


Mondays & Wednesdays

Start your week like a warrior in training with this revitalizing and relaxing yoga class. Align with the divine parts of your self and bring more awareness to how your body is feeling in each moment. Move in a way that expresses love and kindness on the mat and take the nurturance of yoga with you as you go throughout your week.


One Hour


Melt away the stress of the day with some Vin & Yin Yoga and have some fun with Merry Mary! Warm up with Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which combines breath and movement as one fluid meditation. Then stay and feel deeper long held stretches, supported by detailed guidance and yoga props. 

Flow Yoga

9:15 am


Ninety Minutes

Move with your breath. Connect with your body in new ways using yoga postures, mindfulness, and meditation. Go with the flow, lots of modifications given so that you can work at your own rhythm and pace while practicing in a harmonious community.

Compassion Circle

Workshop Facilitation 

Combining Knowledge of Nonviolent Communication, Yoga and Meditation, Merry Waters will guide the circle into mindfulness, gentle movement combined with life skills that bring peace in mind, body and emotions, a naturally outpouring of practices centered in nonviolence.  Resolve inner and outer conflict with inspiration sourced from a compassionate yoga of all-one-ness with 4 simple steps. 

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Thai Massage 

Partner Yoga Playshop

Learn how to give and receive Thai Yoga Massage, a mutually beneficial and enjoyable way to connect with another friend-along-the-path using healing touch. Passive stretching, breath work and massage are the main component of this ancient healing practice.

Learn how to listen with your hands. Simply being present and focused on the other person can bring waves of relaxation and release.

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Malas & Mantras

Meditation Facilitation

Merry will share with you sacred chants used to create a calm mind. This is a great way to begin a meditation practice. Learn how to use mala beads to repeat your mantra 108 times to build concentration and mental focus.In addition, we will explore the thread of the breath in mindfulness meditation. Learn how to steady the mind and sink deep into the language of love.

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